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What would it look like if you and I lived with wild Faith? 

Hope is Here

In this Advent series, we take a look at the daring hope of Mary, Joseph and others throughout the Christmas story. 

Extraordinary: Love Like Jesus

What does it look like to live a life of love like Jesus? Anything but ordinary.

Roots: Rhythms & Traditions for Growth

Roots attach, anchor, absorb, and offer nourishment. Healthy roots bring healthy growth. As followers of Jesus we have roots too. We engage ourselves- mind, body and soul- in traditions and rhythms that attach us to our source: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is through our spiritual roots that we connect, receive, give, learn and grow.

The Way of Love

God wants to show the world His love, through us. Regular people, gathered together, living out the practical reality of the gospel. The way of love is not a set of rules to keep, it is the full expression of our identity as God’s children. 

Victory: 3 Scenes from the Garden

A tomb, an empty tomb and a gardener. In this 3-piece Easter message, Kevin Armstrong gives us a powerful depiction of the reserrection and the life that it brings for us- starting now.

Be Glorified: A Reflection for Lent

In the hours before his arrest, trial and execution, Jesus prayed to the Father, "Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify You." Of course, Jesus knew what was coming; His death and resurrection would be the ultimate revelation of the love- and glory- of God. 

Fully Alive: Ephesians 4

In this 9 week series, we unpack Ephesians 4 and explore what it means to be 'Fully Alive like Christ.'


An advent encounter through the lenses of Isaiah, Zechariah, Mary and Simeon. Prophesy and song lead us into the wonder and majesty of the birth of Jesus our Lord.

Restore: A Recap

We spent a year focusing on the Kingdom of God and all the ways God is working to restore this world, and bring His Kingdom here. This is a 2-part recap of the series as a whole.


This series on Matthew 5 looked at the antitheses statements of Jesus. Jesus repeatedly says, "You have heard it said... now I say to you..." and in doing so, he challenges everything everyone had ever believed under the law.