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Redefine (the Sermon on the Mount continued)

Remember that the purpose of the Kingdom of God is to restore everything God has made to what He intended it to be. That one concept is behind pretty much everything that Jesus said and did while on earth. That includes what Jesus taught about how we look at ourselves, and even at God. Jesus challenged people’s underlying preconceptions about right and wrong with respect to how they viewed themselves and others, including their enemies! He also challenged their preconceptions about how they practiced their religion. Starting with what people thought was right (you have heard it said that …) Jesus turned their hearts and minds back in another direction (but I say to you …). It was enlightening and frustrating at the same time. As the disciples understood what Jesus was saying they often found it hard to believe! In this series we want to follow Jesus’ line of reasoning in matters of our sexual purity, personal security, authenticity and religiosity. What we think is right may turn out to be very wrong! And here’s the kicker – it’s not enough for us to know what is right from God’s perspective. The kingdom of heaven is comprised of those who not only know, but actually do the will of God in their lives (Matthew 7:21-23). So buckle your seat belts … there may be some bumpy road ahead for the next few weeks, but the destination will be worth it!

January 28th        Sexual Purity Part 1            Matthew 5:27-30                                             Kevin Armstrong

February 4th        Sexual Purity Part 2            Matthew 5:27-30 & Galatians 5:16-23      Kevin Armstrong

February 11th      Bit Coin Bust                         Matthew 6:19-34                                              Jeff Knight

February 18th      Charity Begins at Home   Matthew 5:43-48                                              Family Day Weekend

February 25th      Better Than I Am                Matthew 7:1-23                                                 Robert Cumberbatch

March 4th             Holier Than Thou                Matthew 6:5-18                                                 Elizabeth Pierce

Jan. 28, 2018

Sexual Purity - Part 1

Feb. 11, 2018

Bit Coin Bust 

Feb. 4, 2018

Sexual Purity - Part 2

Feb. 18, 2018

Love your Enemies

Previous Sermon Series

The New Year is a time when many of us take stock of our lives and resolve to make some changes for the better. Maybe this is the year we’ll get more physically fit, or go back to school, or eat a more healthy diet. Self-improvement is a huge industry in our culture and people spend a lot of money on gym memberships, personal trainers, diet-approved foods, books and course – all in the hope that there will be a pay-off in the end. As we begin the new year of 2018 we want to draw everyone’s attention to what God says is the real source of the help we need for whatever ails us. It is Him. And He is often not the first place we turn when we need help. In this 3-part series we will look at what God says in Isaiah 55, where He tells us that listening to Him is the source of real life for our souls. If it is our hearts desire to be a Spirit-led church, then listening to God is the place to begin! That is what our 90 days of listening were all about last spring – learning to listen to God. Listening leads to hearing, and hearing – when obeyed, leads to life. We want to be a listening church – as individuals and as a community.


January 7th          Hear Me And Live              Isaiah 55:1-5                      Jim Chen

January 14th        Lean In on Me                     Isaiah 55:6-7                      Kevin Armstrong

January 21st        This Word Works               Isaiah 55:8-13                   Jim Chen



Jan. 7, 2018

Hear me and Live

Jan. 21, 2018

This Word Works

Ministry Theme 2017-18

Restore: Here as in Heaven

This year at Forest Brook we’re going to take a prolonged look at this Kingdom Jesus talked about. Using the gospel of Matthew as our primary guide we want to let Jesus speak for Himself about the Kingdom He brought, and we will endeavour to listen. 

We desire three outcomes as a result of our study:

The first is that we hope for everyone at Forest Brook to come to understand just what the Kingdom of God is. It’s so much more than a doctrine of the church or some future reality that we are still waiting for. In fact, we believe that if you and I really understood what this Kingdom was, it would be like finding a treasure in a field and then running out to sell everything you have to raise enough money to buy that field (Matthew 13:44). It’s worth that much!

The second outcome we desire is to see everyone at Forest Brook come to the place where they identify themselves with this Kingdom. To see themselves as part of it. But don’t think that will be easy. For that to happen you have to be reborn (John 3:3). And living in this Kingdom is very different from living in this world. The ethics are different. The values are different and extremely challenging. Living in a restored state means being willing to change a lot of things about ourselves in order to come in line with the citizenship of heaven. And living in this Kingdom will be the most important thing in our life – eclipsing everything else. It will become the thing we want most of all out of life (Matthew 6:33). 

Thirdly, we believe that, if we see success in #1 and #2, it will change the way every Forest Brooker relates to the world around us. You can’t be part of this Kingdom of God and look at the world the same way ever again. You realize that there really is a difference between light and darkness. You’ll understand the incredible emancipation from slavery that this Kingdom offers. And you’ll yearn to see every person, every institution, and even the earth itself, healed and restored by this Kingdom, just as you have been. You’ll realize that every place you’re blessed to put your foot is a place where you are meant to proclaim this Kingdom to anybody who will listen (Ephesians 6:15). Every act of service you undertake, every effort to make the world a better place or to touch the life of another, will be married to this message – the Kingdom is here (Matthew 10:7-8). 

Lofty goals, perhaps. But these are the goals of the Kingdom of heaven. It is the reality of God’s restoring grace and power, working in and through you and me to change the world. It’s a worthy cause, won’t you agree? Let’s begin …