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Current Series:

What in the World

As followers of Jesus, how do we make sense of the world we live in, today?  


The church has sort of a ‘love/hate’ relationship with the world. Those outside the church often experience that relationship through criticism and judgment, while those ‘inside’ often can’t agree on what they should make of the world around us at all. (‘For God so loved the world’ John 3:16; ‘don’t have anything to do with the world’ 1 John 2:15…what in the world does all this mean?)


Here’s what we do know: God made the world and called it good, and He invited us to take care of it. We also know that the church (that is, God’s people) was never meant to be insular, so we are learning to become Jesus-followers where we live, work, go to school and play. We know the Good News is for everyone (every culture, time and place.) And we know that in order to navigate all of this, we need His help, and a whole lot of discernment! 


We’re going to be wrestling with some big questions over this next series (Is the world bad? What’s culture anyway, and what’s our role in it? Is there such a thing as a ‘Biblical’ worldview?) We'll be ending this series on May 28th with a conversation, hearing from different voices and perspectives on working out how to follow Jesus in the world we actually live in. 

You’re invited to ask the ones that come up for you too! (submit a question HERE)


What in the World, begins Sunday May 7. 

Connect with Jesus together as a Family

This weekly resource, called a 'R.A.Dical Pursuit Card' (R.A.D. stands for Read, Answer, Do!), is designed for families with children. You'll find resources (links, stories, ideas to engage in discussion) to guide your time of connecting with Jesus together! Download your copy now. 

The Story: Exploring God's vision 

Watch Kevin Armstrong share his story of receiving a new vision from God for Forest Brook.

FBCC Youth Podcast:

A 6-part podcast series of conversations based on the book, Faith for Exiles by David Kinnaman. Our Youth Leadership Team reflect and dream around growing resilient disciples in a digital age. Tune in on Podbean and Youtube

By the way: these conversations will resonate with youth, parents of youth, grandparents of youth, anyone interested in digital discipleship, and everyone who loves Jesus. Check it out!

Courageous Conversations:

We engaged in a series of (Zoom) conversations covering issues related to racial injustice to help us learn from one another and move as a community toward reconciliation. Join the conversation!