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It’s the year 2023. You can create a picture with a voice memo and book a flight to space. We have smartphones and smart homes and smart cars.  War rages, and is broadcasted without bounds on social media at our fingertips. We’re experiencing an unprecedented mental health crisis… and have you seen the price of eggs? We are connected yet fragmented, busy yet isolated. We’ve got big problems, yet somehow farther ‘ahead’ than ever.


The Christmas story and the events of that first holy night, can seem like a fairy tale. Thousands of years ago and a whole world away.


But what if that story still held all we need for today? What if the events of the very first Christmas are just as relevant right now in December 2023 as they ever were? What if the hopes and fears swirling for those in the middle of God’s great rescue plan were relatable? And what if the antidote for the chaos and longing of the human experience is still the thing we’d least expect it to be: a baby King and His Kingdom.


As we juggle the complexities of this season (now), may we be filled with fresh insight from Bethlehem (then). May we get caught up in the story of Heaven coming closer, find the love of God in the details, rediscover the wonder, and fall on our knees in worship!

Flourish is our big theme for all things Forest Brook, for the entire year. It even has it's own page, CLICK HERE.

Connect with Jesus together as a Family

This weekly digital card, called a 'R.A.Dical Pursuit Card' (R.A.D. stands for Read, Answer, Do!), is designed with families in mind, but a great resource for anyone! You'll find resources (links, stories, ideas to engage in discussion) to guide your time of connecting with Jesus! Download your copy now. 

The Story: Exploring God's vision 

Watch Kevin Armstrong share his story of receiving a new vision from God for Forest Brook.

FBCC Youth Podcast:

A 6-part podcast series of conversations based on the book, Faith for Exiles by David Kinnaman. Our Youth Leadership Team reflect and dream around growing resilient disciples in a digital age. Tune in on Podbean and Youtube

By the way: these conversations will resonate with youth, parents of youth, grandparents of youth, anyone interested in digital discipleship, and everyone who loves Jesus. Check it out!

Courageous Conversations:

We engaged in a series of (Zoom) conversations covering issues related to racial injustice to help us learn from one another and move as a community toward reconciliation. Join the conversation!