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Let us Pray

The phrase “how to pray” is one of the most popular searches on both YouTube and Google. Prayer is, without a doubt, the most famous spiritual discipline. Everyone prays at one time or another – even those who don’t know they are doing it- by turning our thoughts, hearts, cries for help, toward something greater than ourselves.

But what is prayer actually? And why is something so instinctive also so difficult for many of us?

At its core prayer is communion- relationship- with our Father in Heaven. It’s a conversation rooted in the language of love; intimate with the Holy Spirit and powerful enough to move mountains. Prayer is the thing that connects us to God, enables us to live by the Holy Spirit’s power and makes us more like Jesus.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be answering some big questions about prayer (What? Why? How? When? Where?), and at the same time we’ll be answering the call of the Father to [re]discover the simplicity, passion and power of a prayer-filled life and community.

Whether you wish you prayed more, you pray without ceasing or you find yourself googling “how to pray”- if you long for a deeper connection with God and others, this series is for you. Together we will explore, reframe and practice this beautiful language of love. Let us pray.

April 18 - What is prayer and why do we do it?

April 25 - How do I pray?

May 2 - Do our prayers really make a difference?

May 9 - Where and when should we pray?

May 16 - Who do I pray with?

May 23 - How do I keep going when there is no answer to my prayers?

Courageous Conversations:

We engaged in a series of (Zoom) conversations covering issues related to racial injustice to help us learn from one another and move as a community toward reconciliation. Join the conversation! 

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