Our services will give you a taste of what we want our community to be about.  We sing songs, read Scripture, tell stories, and think and talk about Jesus and how He wants His followers to live.  We join together in Communion each week, breaking bread and taking the cup to remember Jesus’ death and resurrection.  


Family ministry is close to our hearts here at Forest Brook. We provide programming for our kids and youth that teaches them more about Jesus and His incredible love for them.   We also pride ourselves on being a "whole village" kind of church, that has many leaders, mentors and other interested adults who love to speak into the lives of our young people. 


In partnership with parents, the Children's Ministry program seeks to create a dynamic, fun, safe, loving and spiritually-enriching environment that provides young children with the opportunity to discover God, experience faith and learn the life-guiding principles of the Bible. 


With a theme of being "together in the day-to-day" we are working on creating a community for this generation that acknowledges that following Christ is not just in the mountaintop experiences, but flows through all facets of life. The intention of this ministry is to create community that can be the source of energy, excitement, encouragement and desire to serve Christ here at FBCC and in our community. 


Our Care Ministries exist to support and meet needs for those who are facing difficulties in their lives.  Be that through practical help, support, or simply coming alongside as a friend.  Our Care Council clings closely to Jesus' words in Matthew 25:40 - that in caring for people, through people - we come close to the heart of God. 


We trust and hope that what we do here is Transforming the lives of youth.  We also hope that with our presence in the community and in the lives of families that we are able to effectively Reach and Engage youth and truly challenge them to Connect with one another and with God. 


Eagles is our over 50's ministry. As a community we feel so richly blessed to have many adults that are 50+ in our church.  We greatly benefit from their wisdom, spiritual maturity, life stories as well as their joy and laughter!  The Eagles ministry provides, nurture, community, fellowship and opportunities for mature adults to use their gifts as an example to future generations. 


Discover freedom from life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups.  You do not have to walk the journey of recovery alone. You are warmly invited to come to Celebrate Recovery, a biblical and balanced recovery program.  It is designed for people seeking freedom and healing from harmful behavior or relationship patterns in their lives. 



At Forest Brook, we strongly encourage people who consider this their church home to get involved.  One  of our highst values is "Every Member Ministry".  We believe that every person who is called by God had unique gifts given to them which they are meant to use in helping the church fulfill its purpose in the world. 

Every Member Ministry is a biblical idea! It is how the early church operated and was organized. This idea comes to us from the pages of the book of Acts and is taught in the letters of Paul and Peter. Essentially, it is the conviction that the church is a group of people who are using their God-given gifts to serve God and others, in faithful response to their salvation by Jesus Christ (1 Peter 4:10).

Author Greg Ogden says that “the church is fundamentally a charismatic community, for the charismata (grace-gifts) have been distributed and assigned to all those in Christ (1 Corinthians 12:11,18). In other words, God has called and gifted everyone who belongs to him with divinely given purpose, passion and abilities to make a contribution toward the work of the church as a whole. This approach stands in stark contrast to the typical church-member’s view of the pastoral staff as the employees hired to do the work of ministry on behalf of the church. In EMM, every Christian is a minister who is called, gifted and commissioned to help advance the kingdom of God on earth.

Christian theologian J.I. Packer puts it this way, “Our exercise of spiritual gifts is nothing more or less than Christ himself ministering through his body to his body, to the Father, and to all mankind. From heaven Christ uses Christians as his mouth, his hands, his feet, even his smile; it is through us, his people, that he speaks and acts, meets and loves, and saves here and now in this world” (Keep in Step with the Spirit).

We often start out as enthusiastic helpers willing to jump in wherever we are needed in the church. We may volunteer to fill a hole in Children’s Ministry, sign up to participate in a Community Outreach Day, or help prepare a Newcomers’ event. All of these service opportunities are valuable and needed in the church. But this is not necessarily EMM in action.  We see that when everyone services out of an understanding of their own giftedness, along with a sense of personal purpose in the way they choose to serve with those gifts. EMM should be thought of in terms of “every person, using his or her God-given gifts, to fulfill God’s purposes in the world, in the service of Jesus Christ”. 

 If you would like to get involved in serving in ministry at Forest Brook, we'd encourage you to speak to any one of our Pastoral staff!