Introducing Forest Brook Master Class

An interactive learning setting featuring a variety of speakers and topics relevant to everyday discipleship. (Like; theology, marriage, family, mental health, church history, faith and lifestyle.)


This mid-week, mid-sized group will come together to begin to learn what it means to recognize the voice of Jesus in community. 


Master Class follows a 30-30-30 flow; thirty minutes each of connection, teaching and guided discussion. This sets the scene for meaningful interactions and true transformation. 


No registration necessary, just show up ready to grow.

Tuesdays 7-8:30pm @ Forest Brook, Lower Sanctuary

Fall Session: "(re)union" By Bruxy Cavey

launches Tuesday September 17 @ 7pm in the Lower Sanctuary

** Special this fall, Master Class will also be offered Thursdays 10:30am-noon, launching September 19**

What is the Gospel? Why is it such good news? And what are we supposed to do with it?

Kevin Armstrong, Bryan Karney and Wayne Mowat (morning session) will be teaching through Bruxy Cavey’s 2017 book, “(re)union”, which is all about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel was meant to change the world, but then the church changed the gospel. But now it is being rediscovered! There is so much more to the gospel than we’ve understood or believed. It still has the power to change lives and it really is good news for the whole world.

Winter Session: "How to Read the Bible for All it's Worth" by Gordon Fee