We believe God’s heart for His people is flourishing in every season...

Wholehearted: Practices for a life In Bloom

Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength is a big and beautiful calling! This set of micro-practices - simple, repeatable activities - is designed to help us engage our whole selves as our faith intersects with everyday life. May these prompts encourage many more ideas and help us to live and love wholeheartedly.

The 'Wholehearted' micro-practices follow along with our In Bloom series themes; Listening, Learning, Diversity, Inclusion, Deep Connection and Agility. But you can use these prompts whenever and however you'd like! 


Follow along below, or download a digital copy HERE.


Ready to hear, creating space to listen.


Openness to discovery and revelation


Awareness and Celebration


Humble Heart, Making Room at the Table.

Deep Connection

Growing Deep Roots where you are


Flexible and Responsive



Stranger Love: The Radical Hospitality of Jesus

Jesus embodies the spirit of hospitality (defined as 'affection for strangers') by seeing people, making room for them, spending time with them, and responding with compassion. Jesus shows us a hospitality that is first about being with, and then about doing for.

This winter, we're focusing on the nourishing power of 'withness'. We're pursuing a more diverse and inclusive community, where everyone belongs, and exploring a greater understanding of this part of the Jesus Way. 


Greg Paul is a pastor and member, as well as a founder, of the Sanctuary community in Toronto. Guided by the Gospel, Sanctuary considers people who are poor and excluded to be the heart and center of their community. Together, they strive to offer the love, dignity, stability and resources that all of us need to flourish.


Greg has been a friend of Forest Brook for many years, and we are so grateful to listen and learn from his voice as he shares wisdom and experience on the topic of hospitality. 


Greg is the author of several award-winning books, He is married to Maggie; between them they have seven children and a growing brood of grandchildren.

episode 1

episode 2

episode 3

episode 4


We have prepared a kit for each Flourish Group, including some fun items to get you started, and a Leader's Guide.

Pick up your kit on Sundays or via the church office.


This journal is a companion for your journey of Radical Hospitality. Use it as a place to process, pray and prepare.

We have ordered enough for everyone - available Sundays or through the church office.

For Families: Flourish Cards

For Parents and Caring Adults:

These cards are designed for further discussion within the family format - at the dinner table, in the car, or whenever and wherever you find yourself together, sorting out life together.

The Flourish series is for the entire congregation to consider. We all can adjust how we see others, and how we interact with them in a safe way, making strangers into friends.

Here's a simple parable written to illustrate some of the concepts of flourishing.

This year (Sep 2023-June 2024) we're aligning all things Forest Brook around the theme, Flourish. Throughout the seasons of this year ahead, we'll make space to break new ground, learn new rhythms for cultivating growth and reimagine what it means to share the fruit in community.  

As a church family we are becoming a people who prioritize listening, learning and discovery, who are forging deeper connections with God and with one another, and who are agile to respond to the leading of the Spirit. We understand that collective flourishing (as a people) is dependent on the flourshing of each one (you and me) and that flourishing looks different for everyone- we'll celebrate diversity and highly value inclusion and hospitality.

This year, may we follow Jesus with whole-hearted, embodied faith while we pursue healthy spiritual living, both as individuals and a gathered community. 


Introducing a series of meaningful conversations around some big faith concepts (like, Calling, Genuine Connection and Growth.) 


We hope as you reflect on what you hear you'll be inspired to share what you think - may this cause many spin-off conversations in your orbit this season!

Convo #1: For Your Reflection

When was the last time you heard God speak? And how did you know it was Him?

Convo #2: For Your Reflection

How do you stay connected to the source (aka Jesus)? 

How does the quality of that connection affect your connections with those around you?

Convo #3: For Your Reflection

Look back on yesterday: where did you see God? (try to be specific)

How does looking back affect how you take on tomorrow?