Yvonne Ford

Children's Pastor

(905) 427-3442 x 107

Office Hours:

Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am - 4:00 PM

Yvonne joined our team as our full-time Children’s Pastor in October of 2014.  Yvonne was led to vocational ministry by a love for God, and for his people. Yvonne was trained as an elementary school teacher and taught in the classroom for a number of years.  A desire to further her biblical knowledge led her to Seminary, and then to jobs in children’s ministry and at a Christian school.  

Yvonne is a lover of creation and adventure and is often found kayaking, hiking, on a road trip or boarding a plane for the next trip! Yvonne has a dog, Abby who is an absolute delight and she believes there is nothing quite as happy as a wagging dog’s tail!  Of course, Yvonne loves Jesus; from whom she has had the privilege to receive incredible love and then given the opportunity to love Him back!  

Recently Yvonne has been reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain, which has been teaching her to accept herself the way God made her and to see the value of how He created her to quietly perceive the world around her and uniquely respond to it. It has also inspired her to look for others who are “quiet” and help them celebrate their uniqueness and powerful contribution to the world – a true pastor’s heart.

We love Yvonne because of the depth of her commitment to pouring into the lives of our kids, biblically and practically and including them in the life of our entire Forest Brook community in a meaningful way.  But also because she is committed to so much more than our Children’s Ministry at Forest Brook, she is a true team player and extremely faithful to the vision of the church.  She has a gentle spirit, is intentional, fun and good at reminding us to slow down and remember the “why” behind what we’re doing.