Rachel Kay

Manager of Administration

and Communication

(905) 427-3442 x 106

Office Hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 

Rachel is a “home-grown” employee who joined our staff team in 2013. Rachel has a diploma in Special Event Planning and Delivery and is known for her gifts of administration, planning and organization.  Rachel’s role is one that God clearly called her to and placed on her heart, she feels very specifically called to Forest Brook at this time and place in our church’s story. 

Rachel deeply loves her family, many of her closest relationships are with people who she grew up with in this very church and she loves “doing life” with them. Rachel loves being in being at the cottage, reading and eating dinner with friends. Rachel is a "6" on the Enneagram, a personality assessment that describes her as a “bundle of opposites” – both organized, and disorganized, a thinker and a doer, a believer and a doubter, both fearful and courageous – and she thinks this describes her pretty well.  What is important to her, she will champion for, be it her faith, her “people” or her ideas. 

Rachel is pretty much always reading something, and lately has been spending much of her commute time listening to Podcasts about faith, church, culture and great stories. She believes strongly in the power of story as a way to relate, engage and transform. God has been teaching Rachel that true rest is found only in him, and striving really must cease.

We love Rachel because she chose us. She could be anywhere doing anything – she’s so gifted and dedicated. But she chose us! She pairs her creativity with a real desire for excellence – and is motivated to see good things come through and out of this place. She is smart and insightful, loves connections and is a great story teller. Because she is often working “behind the scenes” Rachel’s much greater vision and understanding is something that most people don’t (ever) get to see!