Jim Chen

Youth Pastor

(905) 427-3442 x 105

Office Hours:

Tuesday to Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Jim joined our team here at Forest Brook as our Youth Pastor in April of 2006.  Jim was led to ministry in part by being raised in a ministry family, but also because he was able to listen and discern as God led and affirmed him to the areas of ministry he has “landed” in.   Jim has a bachelor of theology with an emphasis on missions from Heritage Baptist College.  In addition to working with our youth and outreach ministries, Jim regularly preaches here at Forest Brook and we are always blessed by his clear passion and giftedness in sharing the Word.

Jim and Bea are proud parents to Liam, who Jim describes as the “apple of his eye”, and who keeps Jim busy with his high energy and fun personality!  Jim loves God for who He is – and what he continually does in the lives of his family and the people who surround him.  Jim is so talented on so many levels, and enjoys being creative through media arts, he’s a Photoshop wiz, a fantastic photographer and his creativity is endless!

Lately Jim’s been learning from some podcasts that have been stretching his thoughts about faith and reality in ways he wishes he’d found sooner in his life.  He’s been listening to “The Bible for Normal People”, “Revisionist History” and “The Desconstructionists” to name a few. They’ve been challenging him to be the best he can be for God and for Forest Brook.  

Jim can go from serious to silly faster than just about anyone we know. His depth is in his connectedness to the Spirit, his gift of sight and his endless creativity.  He is incredibly sincere, genuine and thinks biblically.  He’s a clear and gifted communicator and he uses those gifts from the platform, at youth on Tuesdays, and just in regular conversation.  Jim can do basically anything, he takes every idea we have and makes it bigger and better effortlessly.