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The (unofficial) theme of this last year at Forest Brook was, transition. Our Leadership had been sensing for some time that God was calling us out of one season and into another- even though it wasn’t (and isn’t) totally clear what that will look like. We’ve been on a journey, knowing that what God has given us isn’t a roadmap, but the promise of His presence and provision, and a vision for what’s on the horizon. And in the meantime, we continue to build our faith and tune our ears and hearts to listen for His gentle voice of guidance. 



The best kind of vision for the future is the one God gives- a prophetic picture of how He’s working, and what He’s working toward. In the Bible we see many of these pictures described; future scenes that express God’s heart for His people. We can look to these pictures for guidance and with hope! Vision is a provision from God.

Together as a church family, we are exploring a new vision God has given us for Forest Brook. In Isaiah 56:1-8 God paints a picture of the faith community He is going to build. A community known for their deep, family-style relationships, where everyone belongs- especially those typically excluded elsewhere- gathered together and bursting with worship and joy, living and breathing and moving in close communion with God Himself.

Pretty picture perfect! So how in the world do we get there?

How about we talk about it over a meal?

Let’s gather up around a table together - the ultimate place of meeting, unity, joy, and vulnerability. And, Church? This is a bigger table than we can imagine, because by God's design, there’s a place here for everybody.

As a family we’ll share in this provision from God, feast on His goodness and, with humility, share our questions too. We’ll remember our values as a people, and set them as guides for the journey. We’ll look around from face to face, letting the Spirit animate each gift, to dream and create and imagine what’s possible. As we dig in together, may His picture come into clearer focus, be filled in with colour and depth, and come to life right here at Forest Brook. 

You hungry? We saved you a seat. 

The Story...

Watch Kevin Armstrong share his story of receiving a new vision from God for Forest Brook.


The Story...

Table Talk

We believe God's picture for Forest Brook is something to be shared by all. We invite you to dig in - share your thoughts, experiences, questions, and dreams! We're kicking off Table Talk- honest conversation about some of our realities here at Forest Brook. This will be a time of listening, open dialogue, sharing experiences and ideas, and dreaming together.


First up: 'Forest Brook 2040' - Wednesdays June 8 & 15, 7-8:30pm

(Yes, that's in reference to the year 2040.) These talks will be about legacy and leadership, about setting the stage now for who we hope to be, then. Mark your calendars, we need everyone around our table!


Come to the Table - We're inviting everyone watch the short video above (coming soon!) and check out a simple guide, before coming to a Table Talk. 


See you at the table!


Watch this video for your invitation to the Table...

The Series...

Last winter we spent time unpacking Isaiah 56 through an 8-part series called, "A Bigger Table." To watch any of these messages, head to our YouTube channel's A Bigger Table Playslit (or click here.)​​​​​​​