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The best kind of vision for the future is the one God gives- a prophetic picture of how He’s working, and what He’s working toward. In the Bible we see many of these pictures described; future scenes that express God’s heart for His people. We can look to these pictures for guidance and with hope! Vision is a provision from God.


Together as a church family, we are exploring a vision God has given us for Forest Brook. In Isaiah 56:1-8 God paints a picture of the faith community He is going to build. A community known for their deep, family-style relationships, where everyone belongs- especially those typically excluded elsewhere- gathered together and bursting with worship and joy, living and breathing and moving in close communion with God Himself.


We keep this vision on the horizon as a church family, and continue to follow God's lead in what this means for us here at Forest Brook. may His picture come into clearer focus, be filled in with colour and depth, and come to life!


The latest chapter: