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    Missions Teams

    As a church family we have supported missionaries and initiatives in several different countries, both financially and by sending short-term missions teams.  We firmly believe in supporting through relationship and have sent hundreds of Forest Brooker's to serve in Jesus' name all over the world.  In the past, we have sent teams to California, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and The Philippines.   

    Currently, we send very regular teams to Honduras, where they work with the Balibrea community, as well as to Montego Bay Jamaica, where we work with communities in Top Hill and Comfort Hall.  

    Our Honduras teams have typically been "family" teams, and included all ages and stages.  In the summer of 2014 the team was made up of 51 men, women and children from our congregation.  The teams that head to Honduras have been able to do incredible work to improve quality of life for those they've been in contact with.  

    Our Jamaica Team is a Youth Trip, we take approximately 20 students from Grade 10-12 each August.  The relationships we have established in the two communities we visit have had life-changing impact on our students.  You can read about some of the impact that this trip has had on our Jamaica Team's blog.  Our 2016 team leaves for Jamaica on Saturday, August 13th of this year. 
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