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    Getting baptized is a big step for anyone. It’s a public display of one’s decision to live their life for Jesus Christ. Anything that you do that publicly is hard to turn your back on, and that’s probably why Jesus tells His followers to get baptized. In Jesus’ day, baptism was a ceremony used by the religious community when someone converted to the Jewish faith. It symbolized the washing away of one’s old way of life.  Jesus used the symbol of baptism to picture a person’s genuine repentance for their sins and commitment to turn their life around and follow Him. Jesus baptized those who came to Him in his day (John 3:22-26) and told his disciples that they should continue the practice of baptizing new converts before He returned to heaven (Matthew 28:19). That is why we continue this practice in the church today.

    The Apostle Paul shed a lot of light on the profound meaning of baptism. He described it as a sign of our close identity with Jesus. In Romans 6:3-13 we read that being baptism is like being buried with Christ so that we may rise and live with Him afterward. Baptism pictures the crucifixion of our old self, and the resurrection of our new self – now in relationship with Jesus. Because of this powerful picture, we are intended to move on now and live a different kind of life. 

    If you want to find out more about baptism, or if you hear God speaking to you about being baptized, please give us a call. We’d love to sit down and talk with you about it.
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