60 Kearney Drive
Ajax, ONT L1T 2Y8

Worship Times

10:00 Family Worship Service

    Get Connected

    In a busy place, it can seem hard to find the place for you to connect. Around Forest Brook we often refer to ourselves as a "church family".  We truly do feel like brothers and sisters.  One of our greatest strengths is inter-generational friendships, the natural mentoring that comes out of having relationships with one another, and the ways we learn from each other. 

    If you are looking to connect to Forest Brook for the first time, or in a more meaningful way, first and foremost - we encourage you to connect with one of our Pastoral staff - their role is to help you seek and find the place that you fit in God's Kingdom, to help you discover your giftedness and to plug you into service in a way that is encouraging to your walk with God.

    We encourage you to connect to a ministry that makes sense with your age and stage.  Intentional, meaningful friendships are central to what we do here at Forest Brook. 

    If you're looking for consistent learning and support, we'd encourage you to get involved in one of the many small groups that run throughout the year. 

    60 Kearney Drive, Ajax, Ontario, L1T 4N2