60 Kearney Drive
Ajax, ONT L1T 2Y8

Worship Times

10:00 Family Worship Service

    Mission and Vision

    Our mission statement is quite simple: "We exist to love God, and love others."
    As we've said before, this is what Jesus said the most important commandment was, so it feels natural for us to adopt this as our mission! 

    Our Vision Statement: "We envision ourselves as a loving community, committed to transformation into Christ-likeness and sent to extend the Kingdom of God in the world."  


    It's amazing how so much can be packed into a few words, or a single sentence. Our vision statement is what drives all of our ministries forward, and keeps us in check with what God would have for us as we plan and serve.

    We believe its God's will for people to experience the love of God through a deep sense of care that permeates our church.  It's important to feel cared for and to be committed to caring for others in a way that goes beyond surface interactions. 

    Our vision's desire is to see people grow and mature in Jesus.  We want people to move towards emotional, relational and spiritual health, and to be able to see a marked difference in their thoughts and behaviors year by year.  We want others to notice that faith in Christ has made a difference in people's lives.    

    We believe in prayerfully asking God to do His will and work out His plans for the sake of His Kingdom in and through our community here at Forest Brook. 

    60 Kearney Drive, Ajax, Ontario, L1T 4N2